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Internet Sites:                                                            

Disclaimer:  Although the following internet sites are useful and instructive resources on the subject of stalking, many do not include references allowing one to check the reliability and validity of the information.  Also, no responsibility will be taken for the content or other links that may appear in the following internet sites.  It is suggested that you read the professional books and journal articles listed below and included in the Reference section.

General Information:

Angels In Blue (**** A very comprehensive and informative site.  Also great for law enforcement!)

Antistalking Website   (**** A great site with lots of information)  


CyberStalking - The Newest Form Of Terror

Mickey's Place In The Sun (Abuse Resources) (**** A massive compilation of links to sites related to abuse)  

Obsessive Ex Syndrome

Office for Victims of Crimes (OVC) (**** Government-funded site)

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (See Fact Sheet #14)  

Stalking Resource Center    


Supportive and Informative:      

Parent Info: Safeguarding your family

The Stalking Victims' Sanctuary

Stalkee's Support Group     

Survivors of Stalking, Inc. (S. O. S) (**** One of the very first Stalking sites on the Internet)


Victim Information:                                                                   

Safety Planning

Stalking Statistics

Victim Services


Threat Management

Threat Assessment and Management

Threat Assessment: An approach to prevent targeted violence

Workplace Violence


Domestic Violence Resources:

Criminal Justice Resources: Domestic Violence and Victim Resources

Domestic Violence Project (***** Excellent! Extensive!)

The Domestic Violence Handbook    

Gay and Lesbian Couples

Mental Health Intervention in Cases of Domestic Violence

Statistics on Domestic Violence (**** Cites references)              


State/University Resource Sites:

Columbia/Barnard Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center

John Hopkins University - Violence: Stalking and Cyberstalking

California Youth Authority: Stalking Awareness


Legal Resources:

Angels In Blue (page on State Stalking Laws)

Canada's Criminal Law: Stalking

National Institute of Justice (1996 Research Report)

Personal Protection Order

Stalking (codes)

State Stalking Laws

State Stalking Laws: Criminal and Civil Laws by Level of Offense


On-Line Literature:

The Crime of Stalking: How Big Is the Problem? (1997, P. Tjaden)

Protective Intelligence Threat Assessment Investigations: A Guide for State and Local Law Enforcement Officials. Series: Research Report (1998, R.Fein and B. Vossekuil)

Stalking and Domestic Violence: Third Annual Report   (1998)

Stalking and Harassment of University Counseling Center Staff is Assessed

Stalking in America: Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey (1998, P. Tjaden and N. Thoennes) 

The Violence Against Women Act of 1994




[Internet Sites] [Community Resources] [Books and Journal Articles]

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Community Resources:

National Association of Attorneys General

Toll-Free Numbers for Victim Services


[Internet Sites] [Community Resources] [Books and Journal Articles]

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   [Internet Sites] [Community Resources] [Books and Journal Articles]

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