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This page offers immediate answers to the most common questions asked by visitors to this site. 

Research-related questions:

Q:  Where can I go to find the most complete information on the topic of stalking for my research?

A:  If the numerous articles on the Reference page are too  difficult to find, it is suggested that you at least read J.R. Meloy's "The Psychology of Stalking: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives"

Q:  I would like to reference your web site in my research paper.  When was it created and who was the author?

A:  The web site was officially posted under its present domain name on January 22, 2000.  The author is D.T. Coon. To reference this site or a page within this site, see the examples on the About Us page.

Victim assistance-related questions:

Q:  I am being stalked by my ex-partner and it is getting worse.  Should I get a restraining order?

A:  Only after seeking assistance from an objective party (i.e., a threat management team) familiar with the stalking research literature and well-informed about the details of your particular stalking situation.  It is important to realize that a restraining order (or protection order - depending on your state's legislation) may actually escalate the stalking events as well as provide a victim with a false sense of security and lead to carelessness.

Q:  I have someone who is stalking me; where can I go to get help?

A:  Many communities offer some type of assistance for victims.  Local law enforcement, mental health centers, and justice centers may provide either assistance or referrals to assistance programs.  The Attorneys General for each of the 50 states should also offer information on local victim assistance programs.

Q:  I have been wondering whether or not I am actually being stalked.  How can I know for sure?

A:  There are several behaviors engaged in by stalkers.  These behaviors make up a "pattern of conduct", which means that threatening or harassing acts are persistent over time and pervasive as to location.  Please contact victims assistance programs (See the "Community Resources" section of the Resources page) for support and information.