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Information will be provided in order to educate the general public as well as offer researchers with a useful resource.


About this website:

This stalking site will guide you through the most current information available and offer easy access to on-line references.

For those who need information for research into the area of stalking, citations and references are provided.

This site endeavors towards accuracy and welcomes additions as well as corrections.  You are encouraged to send new information.  This site will be updated frequently.    

Stalking Behavior:

This web site was entitled "Stalking Behavior" to exemplify that stalking is a set of many behaviors (e.g., telephone harassment, sending unwanted gifts, pursuing, or surveillance).  The focus on stalking as a set of behaviors helps to demystify the phenomenon which offers a degree of understanding and control for the observer.

Another aspect of stalking behaviors that needs to be explained is that such behaviors can be produced by individuals with very different backgrounds, motivations, and psychological disorders.  In other words, a stalker who harbors delusions that the victim is in love with him performs behaviors that are often similar to an ex-partner who seeks revenge for being rejected.

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